we believe in the wounded healer model of therapy. all of our counselors and practitioners have been touched in some way by the issues they seek to address in their practice, and we believe this greatly increases their ability to identify with and hold space for what the client is experiencing.

in a field which has become depersonalized and over-intellectualized, we believe it is most ethical to acknowledge the very personal relationship of therapy, and to embrace the fact that therapists are real people just like the clients they serve. therapy can be a profound relationship. when we combine your lived experience and the lived experience of the therapist with their thorough and rigorous training in their interdisciplinary modalities, the opportunity is created to provide a strong, safe container within which deep healing can happen and self-defeating patterns can be transmuted into greater courage, joy, and liberation in the lives of clients and by extension their communities.

our mission is to facilitate opportunities for the whole self to be welcomed in all of its contradictions and complexities.

all of our practices are grounded in these assumptions:

  • that the body holds memory
  • that emotions are a form of intelligence
  • that ritual and ceremony are necessary for cultivating a meaningful human life
  • that each person possesses innate goodness in the form of an indelible tenderness and a desire for peace
  • that all lives are interconnected and our actions and beliefs have great bearing on the world around us
  • that injustice is systemic and we are all victims and perpetrators to varying extents
  • that we have a responsibility to ourselves and to each other to self-reflect on how our personal healing might be a part of a larger social healing
  • and that the experience of being alive is cut through with mystery and that the earth, its creatures, and other forces we cannot understand carry wisdom which it behooves us to honor and remain curious toward

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