Your Body Is Not a Machine

your body is not a machine.
your body is not obscene.
your body is vital,
is a circus of survival,
it is not virulent or violent
unless it believed
it had reason to be.
your body will protect itself.
your body is worthy of protection.
it is not unprofessional,
not confessional,
not a prize
for someone else to earn
or a lesson
for someone else to learn.
your body is birthright,
is high noon and midnight,
your body is madness and sanity
playing under a canopy
of full harvest moonlight —
your body is yours
and your body belongs
to the rich, wild march
that rolls each body up
from the mud of potential
into the form of this,
or this,
or this,
until finally the skin retracts,
til we remember our way back —
we come home every time
we come back to the body.
do not wait, little animal.
enjoy this body now.